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Learn to listen and work with your Inner World

Hypnotherapy, like meditation, is a powerful way to slow down brain waves to Alpha and Theta states.  In these states, we turn down the volume on our analytical mind, and allow clearer access to subconscious brain activity connected to long term memory, habits, emotions, and spiritual connection.  

In today's world, we are trained to overextend our logical, left brain capacities, while ignoring or having limited awareness of how to listen to the numerous layers of data being communicated in our bodies and emotions.  

Hypnotherapy allows you the time and space to focus inward, listen, and learn new ways to work with your whole system.  As a hypnotherapist, I am trained to guide you and travel with you on this inward journey.  Your body, mind, and emotions will give us the clues for the journey; clues for what is important to notice, process, release, and heal.  You will walk away from a session with full memory of what was experienced; as well as new resources to integrate and utilize in your daily life.  

My clients frequently report surprise and awe at the connections that arise in session.  They gain deep insight into their own emotional and physical systems, as well as into roots of the presenting issues.

I can assist you on your journey inward to:

  • find clearer purpose for this lifetime

  • connect to the desires and intentions of your soul

  • retrieve and integrate lost parts of you soul

  • understand and break unhealthy patterns

  • connect with loved ones and guides in spirit

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