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Psyhic and Spiritual Guidance

Why is it so hard to gain clarity on small and large decisions in our lives?

Each of us can receive internal answers to important questions in our lives through symbolic images and psychic perceptions, but it takes practice to learn the unique ways these answers come to you. Mindfulness and Meditation are great tools to help you increase your awareness of these quieter messages that come into your life.

As an Psychic and Medium, I can assist you in this process in a few ways:

1- Medium, Psychic, and Tarot Readings: 

I connect into your energy field and gather answers for you from reading your energy field and connecting with spirit guides and loved ones in spirit.

2- Parties/Events: Are you hosting a party and want to offer individual readings to your attendees? You can hire me by the hour to conduct short individual readings for your guests.

Spirit Centered Hypnotherapy

Who Am I?  ...  Why am I Here?  ...  Can real Transformation occur in my life?

Hypnotherapy, like meditation, is a powerful way to slow down brain waves to Alpha and Theta states. In these states, you can more easily access your subconscious mind and spiritual connections.  In this light to medium state of relaxation, I can assist you on your journey inward to find clearer purpose for this lifetime, connect to the desires and intentions of your soul, retrieve and integrate lost parts of your soul, understand and break unhealthy patterns, or connect with loved ones/guides in spirit.



If you are interested in Counseling Services, click on the link below to take you to my Counseling website for a thorough description of services and online booking.

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