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Morning Fog


Would you like someone to walk with you for a bit on your path to healing and finding purpose and meaning?

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No upcoming events at the moment
View of Meditation Garden

Journeys Within

Elizabeth A Hendrickson, LPCC, CHt, Certified Medium

My passion is to assist people on their Journeys Inward! 

Journeying Inward for:

Healing, Self Discovery, Connecting to Spirit, and Finding Purpose.

I work in various modalities to accomplish these goals - Psychic, Medium, and Tarot Readings; Hypnotherapy; and Counseling. 

Stone Tower


Bouncing Light Balls

Intuitive Guidance

We all have an internal guidance system to help us find our way through life



Connect to the desires and intentions of your soul; experience deep emotional healing



Explore thinking and behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck

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