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What to Expect?

People often seek out this type of session for confirmation and guidance from a higher wisdom held within their personal energy field, spirit guides, or higher self.  We as humans question and want to know what is our highest good related to career, relationships, personal growth, spiritual growth, life path, or soul's purpose.

In a Psychic or Tarot Reading, I will tune into your energy and connect with your energy field and higher self; while in a Medium Reading, I will additionally seek connection with guides, and loved ones in spirit. I perceive messages through feelings, visual imagery, and inner knowing; all of which I will share with you.  I will seek answers that come only from a place of love and light that will confirm your own inner knowing, provide healing, and empower you to move forward with your goals.  

Information that comes through readings does not predict a fixed future outcome; it only offers a snapshot of what could happen if all stays the same. As soon as you change something - beliefs, fears, what you want - the outcome can change.

Why Psychic and Medium Readings?

Through my work as a Clinical Counselor and Hypnotherapist, I began noticing an increase in information coming to me clairvoyantly related to the clients I worked with.  In order to learn more about how to work with this spiritual and psychic data, I studied with local mediums and spiritual teachers, Rose Vanden Eynden and Joanne Franchina.  Through these studies, I further honed my abilities of clear feeling, clear seeing, and clear knowing; as well as becoming certified as a Medium.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more or go to my Bookings page to book a session with me.

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